The Rumps

by The Rumps

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Our first EP. A mix of sounds, words, ideas and emotions that come together to make this thing.


released April 23, 2016

Recording and Mixing- Shed Recordings
Mastering- Black Matter Mastering
Logo- Brannon Jaggers
Album Art- Kara Stallings



all rights reserved


The Rumps Clarksville, Tennessee

Hey, we're The Rumps. Just a bunch of dudes smacking instruments and having a good time.

Vocals/Guitar: Brandon Sparks

Lead Guitar: Ryan Powell

Nathan Stallings

Drums: Jessie Armstrong, Canaan Fain
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Track Name: Teach Me
I picked up a guitar with her on my mind
I started to strum hard but then I realized
That I don't know exactly what I'm doing here
So I've come to you in my time of need
I need to learn from the very, very best
To be the best I can be

Teacher teach me how to rock hard
I wanna knock them out of their socks yeah
Teacher teach me how to sing loud
I wanna make them fall for me now

I've got it all down
It's my time to shine
Gonna rock out for all the ladies
This song's for you

Now I've got to write a number one
Hear it everyday on the hit radio
Hope one day they'll sing along with me
And fall to my feet

OH SHIT I think I screwed up
I ended it too soon
Well teacher won't you come back
I'm ready for round 2

I just want to be a rockstar
One they talk about on the news
Hear the people oh they'll scream my name
Fall apart when I turn their way
Track Name: What?
Wake up feeling sore
Head hurts finding the door
Same shirt from the night before
Back to bed gotta work real soon

Feel like shit in my car
Well glance at the time oh it's too far
Away from me the years have passed
And ask me what I've done with my life... and I'll say

I'll say what
and I'll say what

And I'll say what
Who's this looking at me
And I'll say what
Oh why am I screaming
I said what
Fuck that oh I'm still feeling
I said what
I'll just get back to sleeping

Man I gotta quit my day-job
Wanna bail in my beat up beetle
Head to the west coast that I call home
For me and all of my friends

Load up all our instruments
Fueled by coffee and cigarettes
I don't care if we make it there
I just wanna give it a try...
Track Name: Cassette Tape
Oh it's silly what it takes to get the girls in this place on their feet
A little beat and some drinks
A pretty boy with a promise he'll take them home
Don't be sad when you don't hear the telephone
Can you blame him you're way out of his league
Blame yourself for having one too many drinks
It's a fun game to play but it takes two to party
So come on love it's time to get to

Grooving and swooning and fuming when the radio's playing static better put in the cassette tape
Oh honey don't you feel the same

And it gets old after a while
Oh the same story with the same outcome
Habitual you see it's not her fault
Yeah the truth it hurts yes the truth it stings
So come on love it's time to get to

Love don't feel the same after that first night of hiding with your heart
And soon enough it'll be you out playing the part
Telling little lies just to get by and soon enough we'll all be waiting for
another round
Bottoms up girls I hope you don't drown
Well now it's time to get to
Track Name: Happy
Well I'm wandering the streets of East L.A.
Picking up used cigarettes thinking it's okay
Well drinking fancy wine is alright
But my wallets filled with dust I guess that's fine

It's alright, It's all okay, I'll find spare change on my T.V. tray
It's okay, at least I can say I'm fucking happy everyday

It's alright I'm fucking happy
It's okay I'm fucking happy

Well I'm coughing up pieces of drywall
My walls are crumbling down
I try to stand tall
Going to the beach
Sand between my feet
Not a care in the world that falls around me

It's alright I'm fucking happy
It's okay I'm fucking happy
It's okay I'm fucking happy
It's akright I'm fucking happy
Track Name: Show Me Your Moves
This world seems a little lonesome
It doesn't like to play very fair
Break out your new kicks my dear
You just gotta get yourself out there
Force your way through the crowd
And break a leg or two
Spilling drinks as the guys break their necks looking at you

Try to walk up to him shyly
Toss your hair and smile at him slyly
You've had a couple of drinks trying to choke down your courage
And you grabbed him by the hand and you pulled him to the dance floor

How bout we go dance to this tune
I bet you could show me some moves
I promise you I'll try to keep up
Try not to choke when I slip up

So I say let's just go out and shake it

This world seems a little rough
You stumble as you try to pick up your shoes
and the issues not the past putting pressure playing petty playful games on you
But the staggering in your heart as it skips a beat or two

Take your time trying to decide if
Slipping into something cute is oh
The right thing to do how could you assume he'd be pleasant to you if you slipped out of it

Well the clock says the night's almost over
Say "Fuck the clock! I'm gonna make it last!"
Ready or not I'm coming for you
I can see you moving on the dancefloor