To Do

by The Rumps

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Our 2nd EP about apathy, angst, and aspiration.


released May 20, 2017

Songs written and performed by: The Rumps
Engineered, Produced, and Mixed by Jeff Anderson at "Music in My Head Studios" in Nashville, TN
Assistant Engineer: Madeleine Anderson
Mastering By: Black Matter Mastering



all rights reserved


The Rumps Clarksville, Tennessee

Hey, we're The Rumps. Just a bunch of dudes smacking instruments and having a good time.

Vocals/Guitar: Brandon Sparks

Lead Guitar: Ryan Powell

Nathan Stallings

Drums: Jessie Armstrong, Canaan Fain
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Track Name: Too Late
I'm sick of this feeling
Sick of my brain thinking
I'm not cut out cut it out
Get it over with

Pop the caps to the bottles
Get ready for a swim
Bottoms up bottoms down
Goggles over my eyes

You know
Say no

It's just a typical day
In the town I hate
I don't care what it takes
I'm gonna get away
Even if I die at 24

My feet are still aching
All this weight I carry
Coughing up these excuses
I'm coughing up shit
King of doing nothing
Master of the T.V. screen
I'm gonna do something different
Make a better me maybe
Track Name: I Just Wanna Die
Alcohols barely doing it for me
Drink enough so I can get some sleep
And I don't think it's a problem

I'm just stuck in my dead end job
And I just want to die

getting bored staring at the ceiling
counting down so I can start repeating
I've lost count of the days

Dragging my feet around like a zombie
Blood shot eyes from too much rubbing
I'm so sick of the same
Track Name: Drunk
I'm getting more tired everyday
Tired of my routine
But I'm too scared to try to change
I'm too tired anyway
How do I know if I'm depressed
A mess that can't be cleaned
I tell myself I'm okay okay
But I'm scared it's too late too late too
Soon to jump to conclusions
As I'm pondering my own conclusion

Well it doesn't even matter now
We're never gonna work it out
cuz i'm late again and I don't want to make mom mad

I think I'm losing my mind

It's really spinning in this room
I'm doing my best not to shut my eyes
But the noises clinking from the bottles
Filling my head they're filling my head
Track Name: Stress
I'm sick of wondering try to be alone again
Sick of wondering why
I think I'm crumbling gotta be alone again
I think I'm fumbling my

Life is taking a dip I think I'm not gonna make it out
I'm too focused on my lack of focus I'm just gonna close my eyes

I gotta I gotta I gotta

Home is where my bed is head is in the pillows covers over my face Snooze on the cellphone volume on the stereo
Why am I asleep in the middle of the day

Now I'm not too sure just how I've got here I'm gonna blame it on you
In the mirror pointing fingers gouging out my eyes
Track Name: Whatever
Bumming couches
Awkward showers
sent messages

Sweaty palms
Blood shot eyes
Those home town ties

It's not gonna stop me now
I'll do whatever
it takes

I've spent too much of my time
going back in my mind
in time I hope I'll realize that
you didn't care for mine or them so
Me forgetting you will be a piece of cake yeah right

High school awkward talks my teachers all sucked but
not as much as I did
I'm just stuck in the past again
With my fears for the future stuck in my head

I hope I can find a home or maybe build one on my own
I hope that I don't miss you
I guess I'll just trust my gut
I've made it 22 years on dumb luck
I guess I'll probably miss you

from time to time

It's not gonna stop us now
We'll do whatever
it takes

I guess I'll probably miss you
Yes I'm gonna miss you